Women, men, young, old, classic, trendy – when it comes to denim, there’s literally something to choose from for everyone! And when you’ve found your favorite denim piece, you’ll want to enjoy it for as long as possible. We’re giving you the best tips & tricks to keep your denim at its best.

Let’s face it, the less you wash your denim, the longer it will last. But we understand that washing from time to time is an inevitable necessity. So, apply our tips to at least postpone machine-washing for as long as you can.
1. Wear at least 10 times
10 times is merely a guideline of course, it all depends on what you’ve been up to with your denim – common sense is the advice. But keep in mind that it pays off to wear your denim more often than less and postpone a machine wash even longer.
2. Spot clean
Don’t want to wash your stained denim yet? Then try to spot clean first! Use a mild spot cleaner that’s suitable for denim (read: no bleach) and dab directly on the stain with a soft (tooth)brush. Don’t rub but remove the stain by gently dabbing. Then rinse with lukewarm water, dab dry using a clean cloth and let air dry.

3. Refresh in between wearing

Letting your denim air on a regular basis, is an ideal way to postpone washing. But that’s not the only way; think of refreshing using a steamer, a refresh spray or the well-known trick where you leave your jeans (packed in a plastic bag) in the freezer for a night. The extreme cold kills the bacteria that spread unpleasant odors.

4. Clean your denim in the bathtub
There is a way to wash your denim without the machine. How about an old-fashioned handwash? Preferably wash in the bathtub because denim stays in shape better when it doesn’t get too cramped.
• Fill the tub with 10 cm of lukewarm water
• Add a small amount of detergent – for example, Denim Detergent from the Laundress
• Turn your denim item inside out and lay down flat in the tub. Weigh down with something heavy so the entire item is submerged.
• Leave to soak for 45 minutes and rinse well using cold water to remove all soap residue
• Leave to air dry – preferably outside. Turn the right way out after it’s dried.

5. Raw denim needs different treatment

It might go against your primal instincts, but raw denim should not be washed for the first few months! Raw denim is the original heavy, rugged and unwashed denim quality that gives you that authentic, cool denim look. The omittance of any form of stretch gives a very tight fit at first. And it should be tight! Because this type of denim is supposed to slowly adapt to the contours of your body and will become more loose over time. This will result in the perfect, worn-in fit. A fit you’ll want to cherish!
The golden tip to wear-in your denim quicker? Believe it or not, you can also wear your denim in a tub filled with lukewarm water. The jeans will get a customized fit, like it’s been kneaded in shape by the water. Don’t wring afterwards but leave to dry slowly on a hanger.

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