Yes, our SALE is here! A perfect opportunity to score items that are high on your wish-list. With SALE-shopping, there are two tactics: shop randomly or… prepare and get the most out of it. With these seven simple tips you will never miss out!

1. ‘Quick scan’ your wardrobe and make a list
The regret of a quick purchase, it happens to everyone. Avoid this by creating overview! A big closet clean-out is the best, but if you have little time, then ‘quick scan’ your wardrobe and write down what you really(!) need.
2. Check the trends for the next season 
Which colors or prints do you want to wear in the near future? Trendy prints, such as animal prints, often last longer than one season. And a skirt from the summer-SALE, can be worn into the fall, with an oversized sweater and fancy boots!
3. Know your agenda 
As long as we’re glancing into the future – check your agenda. Do you have import events coming up? You surely want to look great at that important business meeting, wedding or dinner. Save yourself some stress and money by scoring a stylish outfit ahead of time, so you won’t have to worry about what to wear later.
4. Think in different combinations 

You’ve fallen in love with a striking blouse or dress that’s sharply priced as well – then think about different combinations right away. If it doesn’t go with anything in your current wardrobe, you’ll have to shop for more items which will make costs rise.

5. Preferably buy a size up than a size down 
So disappointing: an item is no longer available in your size. A common mistake is that the attractive price tempts you into buying a different size. In this case, it’s better to buy a size up rather than a size down – a too tight garment is unflattering, while a slightly oversized fit can be very stylish.
6. Choose timeless over trendy 
In doubt between different items? Then ask yourself which item you’ll would still be wearing in five years’ time. There is a good chance that you would prefer a timeless essential over a trendy item. Like a stylish blazer that’s perfect to wear for years to come, for instance.
7. Don’t wait until the last price reductions  
Of course, you want to score the best deal but remember this: you are not the only one! The first SALE round always contains the pearls of the collections – in other words: be quick before you miss out.

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