We are looking for country experts

In Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africas, Asia, we are looking for country agents. Please CONTACT us for more details…


Being a part of growing manufacturer and clearance trader company of Turkey.


Having all responsibility of the country acts, building relations witn customers, controling the running orders...


Working for commission basis with fixed % of every finalized sales, paid instantly.

Growing is only possible with people

We offer showroom, office supports, sampling, quotations, sourcing products according to customer database.  Attending exebitions, advertising and other promos. Arranging visits, organizing schedules, forwarding current customer relations and many more….

We expect enlarging customer database and relations in your country increasing the current sales amount. Reaching new customers, offering them easy business with local contacts. Supporting them with payments, customs clearance, transports and logistics. 

Doing international trade for years, we experienced that many of the buyers are helpless when it comes to supplying from out borders… 

So many unsecure facts, and when you think of them, they are right to buy from local wholesalers, understantable ofcourse, is much more secure and easy in all aspects. We are here and so you are, if you are reading this, to solve this issue, and have the opportunity to sell direct from source. 

We are expert in international business, sales, customs, transports and all other services and now we want to share these know-how with country agents, for both sides benefit and also for customers, being more close, reachable, more focused on fast and problem free servicing.

 We offer fast and quality products, either manufacturing, or ready stock from our warehouse. 

– Collections for ladies and mens wear, new designs every 2 weeks.

– Wide range of clearance products, branded or unbranded, always in stock and new arrivals everyweek.

– Production with small minimum order quantities, but having capacity to cover bulk order in few weeks.

– Attractive pricing… Understanding the price is much important than before, we offer best pricing, offering alternatives to catch targets.

We ONLY ask you to be a part of the family.