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We buy and sell overstocks cancelations clearance liquadations and bankrupted mercendise. Our mainline is clothing, footwear and bags, but we also trade homeware, electronics, food&beverages and other consumer products. Please check our current stock HERE or CONTACT us if you have excess inventory for sale.


Turkey is one of the best alternative if you are looking for clothing to produce with your label. We offer many brands, high quality and good priced products with short delivery times and small minimum order quantities.

Please contact our experts for more info.


Sometimes, it can be quite costy to travel for doing the inspection yourself. For two years, we offer our customers 3rd party inspection service with affordable costing and reliable reportings. Currently we only doing inspection in Turkey, but we will soon open our office in Bangladesh and China.


While trading overseas, one of the biggest problem is logistics. Knowing the issue, we offer a solution package of warehousing, product seperation and repacking, partial shipment in different times, customs clearance processes, and transportation with alternatives. For details, please contact us.

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Time is money

Either, you buy stocks or order for manufacturing, we know your time is valuable and do our best to keep fast delivery as our motto.

We sell quality

Our products are 100% quality checked. We also give private inspection services for your products with our experts.

Lowest costs

We promote your business with low cost stocks and production without compromising quality.