About Us

TekStok is one of the leading stock trader in Turkey. For over 10 years, we value our customers with high quality and competetable prices. Our team is expert in overstock, clearance trading and we have a wide range of products always in stock. Please register us to be the one of the first, seeing the new stock offers. 

If you are interested in building up your brand with high quality products from Turkey, we can offer you fast delivery with competetive prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are HERE to help!

Do you want to sell your excess inventory? TekStok offers flexable and fast solutions to free up your valuable warehouse space and help you with cash flow. Just contact us with details of your stock.

Clearance Trading

We offer a wide range of clearance products.Please check our current inventory online.


We produce woven and knit products for many labels. Please contact us for details.

Overstock Buying

We are always ready to buy your excess inventory. Please send us your stock details soonest.

We care your business

For over 10 years, we’ve supplied retailers and wholesalers of all sizes with high quality products.

Whether you’re a large multinational or a smaller independent, our professional service and wide range of high quality products and services can boost your business.

We only source the best brand new and fashion products fitting your customer needs. We deal with not only textiles but other consumer goods as well and giving services to companies to help growing up with professional team. We know your funds are valuable and deal with quality products but competative costs. including services warehousing, repacking, inspection, logistics and many more. 

To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch.

Quality Products

Whether, stock or production, all goods are quality checked to give you best possible feedback from your customers.

Fast Delivery

We know your time is money and do our best to keep short and on-time deliveries.

Brand Protection

Globally, we care and protect your brand, while offering you flexable and confidential solution help your business and cash flow.

Friendly Service

We support you with our experienced team, offering you professional services in a friendly manner.